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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Megan! I am a certified RYT, RPYT, and perpetual student of yoga.

My yoga is the yoga of everyday life, of navigating challenges while also embracing ease, of losing our way in the forest and finding the path again, and of discovering delight even when it seems impossible. I use encouraging and supportive language coupled with dynamic poses to explore, experiment, play, and rest.

I've a student and then teacher for over a decade, and am certified in Kripalu, yin, and prenatal yoga.


My mission is to provide a welcoming, joyful space to practice and reflect.

Perfection is boring. Feelings are cool. Yoga is rad.


Oceans embrace a continent.

Space welcomes the sun.

Embrace yourself this generously.

- Verse 56, The Radiance Sutras


"Yoga isn't a juice cleanse in a bikini in a resort, it is being in union with ourselves, our WHOLE selves, and especially the parts we hide from ourselves.


Yoga gives us the space for inquiry into our light and our shadow selves so that they can start to work together in harmony. The practice informs our purpose. We do long holds, balancing poses, and meditation to practice getting comfortable being uncomfortable. To see things from different points of view. To remind ourselves that feelings and sensation are temporary. To feel into our bodies so we can listen to what they have to say.


To slow down so that we have the space to take a breath before our lizard brains do our speaking for us." - Wind Rose Yoga newsletter, 12/8/2020

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Morning Flow & Evening Flow

The perfect mix of challenging and chill to start or finish your day! We'll have the opportunity to move our bodies and explore breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness together as a community (along with some great tunes) - even when we're far apart from each other!

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"From requesting consent for individual adjustments, to the gentle words that she urges you to use with yourself, Megan creates an environment in which it is all but impossible to feel at peace -- with your mind, your body, and the yogis around you."


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