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Hello yoga friends! I hope you are all safe and well! I am sending a shorter newsletter this week so that I can take more time away from the computer and spend it wandering in the woods. I will see you on Wednesday for the next Aperitivo Flow and on Friday morning for TGIF! I wanted to share one smol practice that I've found helpful this week. The last few days have felt very emotionally overwhelming, and I think part of that is due to feeling like I have to fix All My/The Shit (tm) and I have to do it All Right Now (tm). Which is...not helpful. It smacks of capitalist hurry hurry hurry mentality. It's also impossible, which sets me up to be disappointed or paralyzed and my response is often then to just do nothing: "Why bother going for a hike if I'm not summiting Mount Everest?" "Why bother giving $20 when so much more is needed?" "Life's not turning out the way I expected it, so why should I still do stuff?" So what I'm doing instead to counter that is to start small. As adrienne maree brown says in her amazing book Emergent Strategy: "How we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale. The patterns of the universe repeat at scale.There is a structural echo that suggests two things: one, that there are shapes and patterns fundamental to our universe, and two, that what we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale." Or, how we do anything is how we do everything. For me, that means small steps towards something better, and in a way that allows me to take care of myself. So I'm checking ONE thing off my to-do list, rather than agonizing over the five that remain there. I'm finding ONE way to help, rather than being upset about all the ways that I can't. By starting small and working on my immediate environment, that ripple will outwards; we just don't always see the effect it has. Love and gratitude, Megan

Some things that I've found helpful to recharge & replenish myself:

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