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Sea(son) change

Hello yoga friends! I hope you are all safe and well! It really started to feel like summer this past week in the PNW (temperatures in the 80s, oh my!) and the garden is starting to burst. The tomatoes have started coming on, the pole beans are taller than me, and my mystery squash seedling that I picked up from the local free stand is now cascading out in all directions! Seeing the artistry and intelligence of nature in the form of growth and transformation reminds me that change is beautiful, change is necessary, and that things don't always happen at a constant speed or in a linear progression. Sometimes they go slow, sometimes they go fast, sometimes there's abundance, sometimes there's dry bolted cilantro that you need to pull out to make room for your strawberries (ahem), but it's all part of the process. We can't rush OR slow down whatever phase we're in, so we might as well let go of whatever delusions of control we had, and enjoy it is for what it is. Speaking of nature, I'll be announcing the winner of the Braiding Sweetgrass giveaway on my Instagram stories later today! I have some very exciting news! Starting Thursday 8/6/20, I’ll be teaching yoga every Thursday evening, 6:30-7:30pm Pacific time at The Dancing Camel Yoga in downtown Anacortes, WA! 💜 I’m stoked! Classes will be limited to 5 people (please wear a mask and bring your own mat/props) AND will be live-streamed at the same time, so pals from out of town, you can still get in on the action! Head to to sign up, and check out the other classes they have available! And if the time slots for the live classes don't work for you, I've started to put some recorded classes up on Vimeo and on my website - feel free to check them out and do some yoga on your own schedule! Love and gratitude, Megan

Some things that I've found helpful to recharge & replenish myself:

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