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Where you are is just fine.

Hello yoga friends!

I hope you are all safe and well! We're getting the same heatwave that the rest of the west coast of the US is experiencing right now, which means many Talking Rain fizzy waters, early workouts, abundant garden harvests, and as much time in the shade as possible.

Building a bit on my theme from last week on personal growth in the time of COVID-19, I wanted to share simply this: you are lovely, whole, complete, worthy, holy, and enough, just as you are. And where you are right now is a wonderfully fine place to be (in space-time, on your path, not like, New Jersey).

The gears of capitalist economies want us to believe that stillness, simplicity, and acceptance are somehow on par with lethargy, boredom, and complacence. I'm here to pick up the megaphone (hopefully with integrated air horn? Bwa bwa bwa bwa bwaaaa!) and yell THAT. IS. NOT. FACTUAL.

This narrative is beneficial for companies that are selling things to "fix" or "fill" ourselves. Being content and grateful with what we have and where we are does not raise profit margins. I'm not saying "Don't buy anything ever again." What I'm saying is: we tend to look for a quick fix when we're emotionally vulnerable, because feeling shitty isn't fun, and advertisers feed on our vulnerability.

Right now, we're all (to varying degrees) extra-vulnerable: isolated, uncertain, angry, exhausted, restless, and nervous. And all of those feelings are totally okay. We don't need to fix them. We don't need to not feel them. We don't need to accept the worldview that those feelings might lead to. But quick fixes (or expensive fixes, or really prettily-packaged fixes) are not going to sustain us for the long haul, either through COVID or through life. What does feed us long term through challenge and adversity is: getting quiet, getting curious, and getting compassionate. More on this in my classes this week!

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